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UHL Company Turns 100
Friday - August 18, 2017     A+ | a-
     Congratulations to InsideIQ member UHL Company on their 100 years of outstanding and committed service. UHL has been able to sustain success by offering a wide range of services throughout the company’s history. A rich history it has certainly been for UHL as they are in the middle of their 100th year and still planning to build for the future.
     The company started in 1917 when Bob and Ed Uhl started selling Vulcan Radiation. Being the classy business men that they were, suit and tie attire was an everyday thing for the two when they would deliver their products to downtown businesses. With such a professional demeanor, the UHL Company was able to become the regions exclusive representative of Schneider Electric (Formerly known as Barber Colman). To this day UHL is the oldest North American rep of Schneider and are consistently in the top 5 for volume of products sold.
     Today, UHL is owned by Tim Ley and Tim Jilek. Since the beginning of their ownership in the mid 80’s, Ley and Jilek have brought a service oriented mentality to the company helping the company expand from roughly 15 employees in the 80’s to an impressive 178 employees today.
     The owners of UHL attribute their growth to strategic acquisitions, hiring and retaining talent, offering new services, cutting edge software and being a regional technology leader.
     UHL acquisitions have brought talent, new customers and knowledge of new products. In 1996 UHL purchased the Robertshaw BAS representative (Pneumatic Controls). In 2007 UHL purchased the Andover BAS representative (Control Services of MN). In 2009 UHL purchased the Schneider Electric representative in Duluth (ABE). In 2016 UHL purchased Keweenaw automation in Mohawk Michigan and opened an office in Bismarck North Dakota.
     UHL, by adding more services in the past 25 years, is more than a Building Automation Company. UHL has added Mechanical retro- fit, Mechanical services, Card access, Camera’s, fire alarm, Mechanical engineering, Energy Services, Re-commissioning services and 24/7 service for all divisions.
     The BAS industry has seen massive changes in the past 30 years and UHL knows that change is accelerating. In order to understand new technology trends, UHL believes in membership in industry groups. UHL’s most important membership and our biggest advantage over our regional competitors is being a member of InsideIQ, of which former UHL president Ardvil Larsen (Lars) was a founding member. InsideIQ members were to first to embrace Niagara software by Tridum. UHL was the first to install Niagara software in the state of Minnesota at Robbinsdale Schools. UHL was the only Niagara installer for years. Now Niagara is installed by virtually all of their competitors. InsideIQ is an international Building Automation Alliance with over 5,200 technicians, working from over 120 world-wide locations. InsideIQ member Engineers and Technicians collaborate on application of new technology. The slogan of InsideIQ members is… “We are in a better position to support you and your buildings than any other company.”
     If the slogan isn’t convincing enough for UHL and what they have been able to build, just check the last 100 years and you should have a good idea. Rich in history and tradition UHL prides itself on their courage to take on a job and the ability to adapt to the changes in software at an efficient pace. Congratulations again to UHL Company on 100 years of service.
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